About Us


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are a group of volunteers who work together with the same goal in mind. We bring these pets into our home during their rehabilitation, and get them ready for their forever loving homes.

Our Staff


Melanie Baumgartner

Officer and Foster Parent. Melanie focuses on the older puppies and dogs, getting them house trained and ready for their new homes.

Jennifer Williams

Volunteer and Foster Parent. Jennifer focuses on the pregnant pets and making sure they are healthy and are able to whelp in a warm safe enviroment.

Cheryl Bush

Officer and Foster Parent. Cheryl focuses on the young kittens, most of the time bottle babies. She nurses them back to health and prepares them for their forever homes.

We want to thank Valley Veterinary Clinic for all their support with our medical cases. Without them we would not be able to save these pets.